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Different styles of BBQ and Grilling

When talking about barbecuing it can mean different things to different people it really depends on the region, you're located whether you’re in Texas, North Carolina, Memphis, the South, The Midwest.

Let's discuss some of the different styles of barbecuing one of these methods would be grilling or direct grilling this is typically done over coals or wood. With this type of grilling the kinds of food you would cook is chicken wings, fish and steaks. This method be done over high heat on a standard grill.

There is another method of direct grilling that is done with a fire box which is deep on the inside and so with this you can cook larger items like a whole pig .Because of the way the firebox is made it allows you to cook and you will not burn the meat .

Now let's move on to another style of barbecuing now this method is typically done indirect you would use a grill that has a chamber on the side that you're able to place wood chips the put different flavors in to the meat . Some of the different wood chips would be cherry, maple, and hickory into in this method of cooking you will cook at a very low temp. The temperature stays between 225 to 300 degrees an in cooking this way you can take larger cuts of meat then needs to be cooked at a long period of time and can be left on for several hours sometime up to 15 hours when for example you are cooking a brisket .

Another style of barbecuing we will discuss is smoking. Now this style is like the one I just described however with this one you have different style of boxes to do this job they come in barrel form. This style of Smoking can be done hot or cold. Cold smoking is something that would be done with beef jerky this method the fire is extremely far away from the food so that it is not doing any cooking whatsoever directly to the food.

Hot Smoking

Cold Smoking

Next we have rotisserie grilling and this works exactly the way that it sounds there is actually a rotisserie that is put onto your grill the fires underneath and the meat actually rotates and cooks what is typically you would be preparing a whole chicken ,duck or a whole lamb and with this method the meat is basting itself eternally so that it makes for a very juicy cut of meat .

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