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Born and raised in the Tobacco Trails on Eastern North Carolina. As a child he honed his craft while bbqing with family members, primarily his mother Bessie Farmer. Her favorite dish was BBQ chicken. At 17 he left rural North Carolina for California where he met his wife and served his country for 20 years.

         Completely self-taught. He received no formal training in becoming a pit master.  BBQ was a passion that he always had in his blood. Always was fascinated about the different regions of BBQ sauce. Being from NC he was accustomed to a tangy vinegar based sauce. Memphis has a molasse more of a sweet sauce;and then there is Texas where sauce isn't prevelent but spice come into the picture.What if you could have the best of all the regions into one sauce? A sauce that would give you the nostalgia of growing up a kid , no matter what region you are from.

         One day about 5 years ago my wife was making a sauce to pair with some meat I was smoking on the grill. At that point I was heavy into smoking me and in love with the whole art of BBQ...from prep to plating. She let me taste the sauce and it was amazing and I told her right then and there. We are going to produce this sauce and present it to the world. I took the sauce and tweaked it just a little bit adding a host of spices to make the hybrid sauce we have today in MEAT FROSTING.

          Once you taste Meat Frosting you will be transported to your prospective BBQ region . If you don't identify with a particular region , you will just say.... THAT'S SOME DAMN GOOD SAUCE. 

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